Pool Pump Repair

Is your pool pump not working?

1) Check the pool water level?
2) Is the pump basket clean?
3) Have you primed the pump?

If all these have been done, then call us. We’ll diagnose it during our standard call out service.

Old pool pump repair

Pool Pump Repairs

Pool Pump Repair

Our first priority is to diagnose and repair your failed pool pump as well as offer solutions to prevent it from happening again, however, if that isn’t feasible, we can also recommend the best pool pump replacement for your needs. Pool pump call outs are most commonly from a failed motor or noisy bearings, but can also be caused by improper sizing of the pool pump motor to the size of your pool.

The most obvious cause for a pool pump call-out is because the motor has failed, or a noticeable noise from the pump. Another sign that your pool pump might be faulty is that it is no longer keeping the pool as clear as it used to. If you pool pump is not yet a variable speed pump, it is often a good idea to upgrade to that for better energy efficiency and for the newer technology. Whatever the cause, we will diagnose and recommend a solution that best meets your needs on our service call. Request a service today!

About Pool Pumps

Your swimming pool and spa pumps play a major part in keeping your pool and spa clean and usable. The filter pump is probably the most important of all, as it is commonly referred to as the “Main Pump” or “Filter Pump”. This is the pump that runs the water from your Pool/Spa through the filter and heater, and back to the Pool/Spa. This pump circulates all of your water and if running for the appropriate amount of time, plays a huge factor in keeping your pool crystal clear.

There are also the Cleaner Booster pumps, which pump water to pressure side pool cleaners, Spa Jet Pumps, which pump water to your Spa Jets, Water Fall pumps, Slide Pumps, Infinity Edge pumps and so on. Up until 2008, all pumps were a single speed, 3450rpm type of pump. These days, most pumps are required to be VSP (variable speed pump) for energy efficiency.

Pool Pump Equipment

We offer all of the major brands like Jandy, Hayward, and Pentair. If you are looking to replace or upgrade your existing pump (s), please give us a call to schedule your Free Estimate

Most Common Pool Pumps

Client Reviews

“Evan appeared on time, determined the problem with our pump was actually a faulty inlet valve. He quickly replaced the valve.

Et, voila! Pump drawing water at a great rate. Other equipment, such as the cleaner are now performing better than I can remember.

Hope to have him back soon for an electrical upgrade.”

Evan and his crew came out to complete a pool repair for us last week. We knew that we needed to replace our pool sweep booster pump. While at my house, he noticed that the breaker for our pool light was disconnected. We have lived in this house for 8 years, and never had a working pool light. We were told by the previous owners that there was a break in the line underground. I asked Evan if he would mind testing it. After about 10 minutes of exploration, he was able to determine that our light does in fact work! Two previous electricians couldn’t even figure this out for us! It just required Evan and his team to do a little more work to reconnect it, and provide us with a new switch and power box.

I plan to only call Preferred Pool Repair in the future, and would highly recommend them to everyone!