Pool Filter Repair

Is your pool filter not filtering?

1) Check, when was your last filter cleaning?
2) Are your filters worn out?
3) Is the pump on?

If all these have been done, then call us. We’ll diagnose it during our standard call out service.

Pool Filter Repairs

Pool Filters

Your pool filter is another key part of to your pool equipment system. This is where the water coming from your pump gets filtered before going back to the pool. Filter sizing and maintenance is very important for fresh sparkling clean water. If your filter is too small, this will require much more frequent cleanings and can get very frustrating if trying to resolve an algae issue. It is also important to match your filter size with the pump and size of the pool. If your filter is sized correctly, most pools you can get away with cleaning 2 times per year. I like to recommend every Spring and Fall to my clients.

Pool Filter Repair

Common pool filter repairs are for cracks that develop over time. Other issues may be pressure problems, leaks or noises from the filter. When the pressure gauge is higher than normal, this often means the pool filter is dirty or clogged, and struggling to work. Dirty water is a sure sign that your pool filter is not working at full capacity, but it is still important to perform regular inspections and maintenance on your pool equipment.

Preferred Pool & Spa offers pool filter repairs and new replacement pool filters if required. Contact us today for a service call if your pool filter has failed.

Pool Filter Types

There are 3 types of pool filters, Sand, Cartridge and D.E. (diatomaceous earth). The most common filter these days are Cartridge filters. Sand filters are the least efficient and D.E. filters are most efficient; however, both can be very messy, unhealthy and basically just a pain to deal with. Cartridge filters have come a long way over the years and seem to be the most sought after.

Pool Filter Equipment

We do offer most of the major brands of pool filters including Pentair, Jandy, Hayward and Waterways. If you are Looking to replace your existing Pool / Spa Filter, please call us to schedule your Free Estimate.

Most Common Pool Filters

Client Reviews

“I called when I noticed my pool was staying green even after shocking. Evan answered​ the call and made time to come out to my house that day! Turns out the water level was just too low for the pump to work properly (doh!) Evan showed me how to back flush the pump and got it up and running again. He also came back a few days later to repair some leaking valves on the pump. Great service and reliable!”

Michelle T.

“Preferred Pool Repair has to be by far the best pool service company in this area.
Evan is very knowledgable. He repaired my pool pump and filter in a very reasonable timeframe and his pricing is very fair. Hands down Preferred Pool Repair will be my go to pool company for any other issues on my pool.”