Pool Control System Repair

Timers or Automation system not working?

1) Does the unit have power?

If all these have been done, then call us. We’ll diagnose it during our standard call out service.

Pool Control System Repairs

In today’s world with all of the technology available, the swimming pool control systems have come a long way. Rather than the old school mechanical time clocks, we now have the capability to not only completely automate your pool equipment, whether it is the filter, pump, heater, lights, etc.

Smart Pool Control System

In addition, you can also control everything for your pool through WIFI technology. This means you can log into your system at home when coming home from a long trip, and have your spa hot, ready and waiting for you by the time you get home. Or, you can have someone house sitting and they can call you because something may not be operating correctly, or they may not know how to turn on the pool heater, you then can log into your system from where ever you are, and remedy the problem. It is that simple.

Pool Control System Repair

With this additional technology and automation, it can sometimes mean there are more ways that your pool control system can require repairs. From shorted out spa side remotes, faulty motherboards, pool pump issues, and more, we can help diagnose and repair or replace your faulty pool control system. In our service call, we will troubleshoot and provide options for what your pool control system requires to get back up and running. We may be able to repair the system, or else may suggest a replacement if the system is beyond repair or no longer has parts available. Some brands do offer upgrade kits, so we may be able to offer that as a solution as well. Our goal is to offer you the best solution for your needs, while still considering your budget.

Pool Control Systems

We supply all of the major brands including, Hayward, Pentair, and Jandy. If you are in the market to either install or upgrade your existing control system, please call us to schedule your Free Estimate

Most Common Pool Control Systems

Client Reviews

“Evan was far more than a pool tech coming to service our pool. He took time to listen in on our concerns and questions before making his professional assessment.

Problem we anticipated was not accurate in fact it was a far simpler fix which he swiftly took care of and highlighted another problem I was not aware of and repaired that as well.

As with previous reviews all excellent, proved to be very accurate and we’d call Evan first for any pool service needs going forward.”

Carmen H.

“Evan is very knowledgeable about pools and their systems. He’s very efficient and wants to do the repair to fit the needs of the customer. We had an older unit and came up with several options. We ended up getting a new heater and he verified the order had been placed and after delivery, he installed the next day. Always professional and follows up immediately regarding any inquiries. Highly recommend him for any pool and/or hot tub service.”

Corine C.