Pool Heater Repair

Is your pool heater not heating?

1) Is pool pump on?
2) Try Cleaning Filter?
3) Turn up Thermostat?

If all these have been done, then call us. We’ll diagnose it during our standard call out service.

Pool Heater Repairs

Pool Heaters

Pool and Spa Heaters may come in all shapes and sizes but all have the same purpose, which is to heat your Pool and / or Spa. Most common pool/spa heaters we have in the bay area use natural gas, however, there are also propane heaters available. Heat Pumps, and even Solar Panels are also a heating option. Pool heaters are measured by BTU’s (British Thermal Units). A 400,000 btu natural gas or propane heater is the largest we can put on a residential pool / spa. The size of your pool / spa heater compared to the pool / spa you are heating is critical! We can help determine if that may be one cause of your pool heater issues. 

Pool Heater Repairs

If your pool heater is no longer heating your pool Preferred Pool & Spa can help diagnose the issue. We offer pool heater repairs and also have pool heater equipment available for purchase if your heater has failed completely.

Some common pool heater problems are that the pool heater won’t ignite, or is turning itself on and off, or making an unusual noise. In some cases, the pool heater ignites but is not creating enough heat, which may be caused by a bad thermostat or temperature sensor. Most importantly, if there is inadequate water flow, the pool heater will not be able to work at peak efficiency and in fact, poor water circulation can prevent the heater from even running.

In today’s world with all of the technology available, the swimming pool control systems have come a long way. Rather than the old school mechanical time clocks, we now have the capability to not only completely automate your pool equipment, including the filter pump, heater, lights, etc.

Trouble Shooting Pool Heaters

Your pool heater will only work if the Filter pump is on and pumping water.

Pool Pump Equipment

We offer all of the major brands of Pool and Spa Heaters including Hayward, Pentair and Jandy. If you are looking to replace your existing Pool / Spa Heater, please call us to schedule your Free Estimate

Most Common Pool Heaters

Client Reviews

“Evan provided wonderful customer service in helping me with my above ground spa issue. He was very professional, communicative, demonstrated excellent follow through and his workmanship was top notch. I highly recommend him for your spa service needs!!!”

Doug L.

“Had a pair of features not working on my pool.  Water slide and waterfall.  Both were diagnosed as bad pumps that would trip the circuit breakers when started.  Both pumps were replaced with a week and we now have a 100% perfect pool again!  Fast, efficient and professional all the way!

Adding to my last review…after quite a few years, my heater went out this time.  Again, I have nothing but glowing comments to make.  After diagnosing the problem(s) with the old heater, we decided it would be more cost effective to replace the old unit instead of continuing my efforts of piece-meal parts replacements.  Ordered a new unit and had it installed in about an hour after it arrived!  Now I no longer need over an hour to heat my spa, even on the coldest days!

Evan is my go-to guy for any and all pool and spa problems!”

Bob D.