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Waterways Pool Filter

Waterways Pool Filter

Pentair Pool Filter

Jandy Pool Filter

Jandy Pool Filter

Hayward Pool Filter

Hayward Pool Filter

Pentair Pool Pump

Jandy Pool Pump

Jandy Pool Pump

Hayward Pool Pump

Hayward Pool Pump

Jandy Pool Heater

Jandy Pool Heater

Hayward pool heater

Hayward Pool Heater

Pentair pool heater

Pentair Pool Heater

Sta Rite pool heater

Sta Rite Pool Heater

Jandy Aqua Link Pool Control System

Jandy Aqua Link Control System

Hayward Omni Logic Pool Control System

Hayward Control System

Pentair Easy Touch Pool Control System

Pentair Control System

We install new pool equipment and can help diagnose any
issues with your existing pool equipment.

When your pool and spa equipment get old, tired and worn out, things like, noisy, not working correctly and frustration come to mind. The newer pool equipment of today is much more efficient than 15 – 20 years ago, especially when it comes to pumps and heaters. The pumps now are variable speed, which allows for much more control and energy efficiency to properly pump the water through your pool and spa system. Heaters have also come along way in the efficiency category, where maybe 20 years ago, they had more of an absorbing type of firewall, now they are mostly reflective. This means you are getting much more efficient heat from your pool and spa heater.

Most pool pumps these days are required to be variable speed according to newer codes for California as well must be on GFCI protection. If you are unsure if your equipment is code compliant, or would like to bring your equipment up to code, please call us for your FREE estimate!

Control systems and salt systems are very popular these days as well. With new technology, there are actually WIFI systems that are able to control the functions of your pool and spa equipment directly from you cell phone or computer. Salt systems are nice because of the now higher costs of chlorine, Salt systems actually produce or generate its own chlorine using the salt in your salt water pool. This is a very popular option these days to add to your pool and spa. Feel free to call us to come out and give you a FREE estimate.

Client Reviews

“We had a great experience with preferred pools. We had all new pool equipment installed. Excellent service and fair pricing. We had an issue a couple days after install and they prompt to come back and fix with no charge. Highly recommend them.”


“I had a problem with my spa heater, and my usual repair tech was too busy to come out. So, I tried Evan. He answered immediately and was able to diagnosis the potential problem with some photos that I texted to him. He came out to my house within a couple of days and was able to fix it. I didn’t even have to meet him at the house–he showed up like he said he would, fixed it, and called me to let me know it was done.

I like that fact that he is very honest and found the least expensive, but effective, solution to my spa problem. Also, his minimum service charge was lower than my other spa technician. Evan is very polite over the phone and was flexible with his time. I’m glad that I trusted my instinct to give his company a try. I highly recommend Preferred Pool Repair.”

Donnie Mac M.