Pool Inspections

Pool inspections are most commonly done during a real estate transaction, when a home is being sold. This is usually for the buyer, so they are aware of the overall condition of the pool and equipment at that particular time before purchasing the house. 

When you purchase a pool inspection from us, you get our expert experience in pools, as well as a complete report for your records. Our pool inspections include a complete written report, including pictures and an estimate for repairs (if needed). Preferred Pool & Spa Repair’s inspections include the above ground plumbing, pumps, filters, heaters, lights, codes, above ground electrical, as well as timers and control systems. We also check the physical condition of the pool or spa, and will provide an estimate on the remaining lifetime of the equipment if it looks like it will need replacement soon.

Why You Need a Pool Inspection

When purchasing a home, home inspections are almost always completed so that the buyer is aware of the condition of the home, and any issues that may come up. For the same reason, you would want to have a pool inspection before purchasing a home so that you don’t have any unexpected problems with your pool that you didn’t plan for.

Pool inspections help you prepare for any upcoming costs, but can also be used to help in the negotiations of your purchase offer. 

Choose a Pool Inspection from Preferred Pool & Spa Repair for your peace of mind. Contact us today to request an inspection.

Real Estate Agents in Need of Pool Inspections

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Client Reviews

“We were in the process of purchasing a new home and Preferred Pool was spot on for the inspection. We were able to turn that inspection into a work order and the work was done FAST by an excellent fella, Evan. Thank you for being quick, reliable and knowledgeable with our needs for owning our first pool! We would, and will, 100% recommend to anyone in the area.”

Gin M.